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Public farm reports: grazing wedge

The grazing wedge is a graphical representation of forage availability in paddocks on a particular date. To view previous dates, choose the date from the Select date drop-down menu. You can also view grazing wedges for other farms by clicking the Select an different farm button.

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Northeast Indiana Pasture grazing wedge: 07/13/2017

1295 1295 1295 1505 1654 2064 2064 2340 2366 2366 2676 2789 2993 2997 3702 3702 3984 4576
Too mature > 2,600 Within target Overgrazed < 1,350 Target cover line

Summary of key indicators for grazing management and animal performance
Livestock class Dairy Heifer
Growth rate (pounds of dry matter accumulation per acre per day) 74
Pre-grazing cover (pounds DM/acre) Actual: 4,087 Ideal: 2,600
Post-grazing cover (pounds DM/acre) Actual: 1,295 Ideal: 1,350
Average pasture cover (pounds DM/acre) Actual: 2,537 Ideal: 1,975
Rotation length (days until cows return to given paddock) 25.0
Milk production (pounds per day)
Hay for milking herd (Pounds per cow per day)
Grain for milking herd (Pounds per cow per day) 4
Hay for dry cows (Pounds per cow per day)
Grain for dry cows (Pounds per cow per day)
Critical issues right now:


Data table

PaddockDry matter yieldPlant typeAcresTons of feed in paddock
1.11,295Cool season0.5000.3
1.21,295Cool season0.5000.3
1.31,295Cool season0.5000.3
2.11,505Cool season1.4501.1
7.11,654Cool season2.3001.9
2.22,064Cool season1.4501.5
3.1 2,064Warm season0.9000.9
82,340Cool season2.0002.3
9.12,366Cool season0.8000.9
9.22,366Cool season0.6000.7
7.22,676Cool season0.6000.8
6.12,789Cool season2.0002.8
1.42,993Cool season1.4002.1
52,997Cool season2.8004.2
4.13,702Cool season2.0003.7
4.23,702Cool season0.9001.7
3.23,984Cool season2.0004.0
6.24,576Cool season0.9002.1