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Public farm reports: summary report

The summary table shows a full-season report including major parameters of all wedges on a farm for the year. If data from previous years is available, you can view it by selecting a different year on the Select year drop-down menu. You can also view summary tables for other farms by clicking the Select a different farm button.

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2017 season summary for Schmitz Beta Test

DateGrowth rate1 Average pasture cover2 Rotation length3 Pre-
grazing cover2
grazing cover2
Milk production4 Hay for milking herd4 Grain for milking herd4 Hay for dry cows4 Grain for dry cows4


1 Pounds of dry matter per acre per day.
2 Pounds of dry matter per acre.
3 Days until cows return to given paddock.
4 Pounds per cow day.
* Not enough data to compute.